You’ve just booked your next adventure, and you want to try to have it paid off before you leave. Here are some tips and tricks that we have used to help plan and budget so you can be stress free and enjoy every moment! 

First, if you have booked your adventure with MORE Adventures, we can offer you an interest-free monthly saving payment plan when you book at least 3 month prior to. You can see all our upcoming 2024 adventures HERE. 

Determine how much you will need for your trip, being realistic of course (don’t make dinner only $25 each night for example). Break down your expenses into categories like transportation, accommodations, food, activities, souvenirs, gratuity, etc. If you are staying at a hotel, call and talk to someone about restaurants and transportation companies they recommend. Look at menus online to get a more accurate idea of pricing and beverages. Will you be having a glass of wine or another cocktail? Dessert? Of course you may not know what you will want a few months from now, but at least this gives you an accurate idea of pricing to add to your budget. Once you have determined your budget, always add a couple hundred extra dollars. Best case scenario, you don’t use it and it can start another saving account towards your next adventure, and worse case, you’ve already planned for it and saved!

Next, track your expenses. Take a look at the last few months finances and identify areas in which you can cutback. Do you need all your streaming subscriptions? Maybe don’t eat out so much? Do you really need the newest phone? Again, these are just some examples but once you look through your past expenses you may be surprised on how much you can cut out!

As mentioned above, cook at home. Eating out can add up very quickly and when you cook at home you can meal prep and even make healthier options for yourself to get ready for your trip!

If your schedule is flexible, perhaps look into traveling off-peak season. Traveling during off-peak seasons can save you money on flights, accommodations, and activities. Research the best time to visit your destination to take advantage of lower prices. This is also a great time to look for deals and discounts. During lower tourist seasons, destinations can offer significant deals to get you to visit. Be sure to follow travel deal websites, and use price comparison tools to find the best deals. 

It’s not always possible to not check a bag, however, when it is, pack light! By bringing a carry on only you will not only save money of checked bag fees, but in cases where you have tight connections you don’t have to add additional stress by worrying about if your luggage also made the transfer! Believe us, there have been countless times when we have had to go to a shopping because our luggage doesn’t make the connection. That can really blow you budget out of the water! 

Don’t purchase something everywhere you visit. Limit your souvenir purchases to one of two special items. Impulse purchasing can add up on your budget and remember, you have to get these items back home so make sure you have space in your luggage! 

And finally, be sure to look into travel rewards and points. If you have one card that you are solely going to use, do research to see if you can get points, miles, or even cash back. 

This list could keep going on, however, these the most practical ways we have found to budget on. We would love to hear more ways you have saved for trips! 

Happy planning, 

 – Keith & Michelle