Close your eyes for a moment and let your imagination soar. Picture yourself one year from today. Envision a version of yourself that radiates with health, energy, strength and an undeniable sense of confidence. Visualize the quality of life you’ve always desired.

Hold onto that feeling. Can you sense how your body looks and feels in this vibrant vision of the future? Take a moment to connect with it.

Now, let’s embark on a thought experiment. Imagine that you began your journey toward this remarkable transformation precisely one year ago. Picture yourself making a commitment to your goals and steadfastly following through on that promise.

Here’s the profound question:

How would you feel right now? What would be different in your life today?

The answers to these questions may evoke a potent mix of emotions. They may empower you and, perhaps, leave you with a tinge of regret, thinking, “If only…”

Yet, here’s the beauty of it: You cannot alter the past, but you have the power to shape your future.

A Different Future Begins Today

Do you desire the next 12 months to be unlike the last 12? The answer, for many of us, is a resounding “YES.”

Before the inner voice of doubt and self-critique starts to chime in, remember this: We all have a litany of reasons why we believe we “CAN’T” make progress toward our goals. Here are just a few familiar refrains:

  • “I don’t have the time.”
  • “I’ve never been able to stick with anything in the past.”
  • “Nothing I’ve tried has ever worked for me.”
  • “Committing to a routine is impossible for me.”
  • “I lack the energy.”
  • “I’m afraid of exhaustion and soreness.”
  • “What if I get injured?”
  • “My motivation is at an all-time low.”

But what if, instead of this litany of “CAN’Ts,” you uncovered just ONE compelling reason why you MUST make it happen? A reason that holds true significance and power for you.

Take a moment to discover that one reason. Delve into your own motivations and unearth the driving force within you.

Because here’s the undeniable truth: You DESERVE it.

Believe in yourself. Know that you are fully capable of reaching your goals. Whether you’re seeking better health, enhanced vitality, a stronger physique, or a greater sense of well-being, the journey begins with a single step.

As you stand on the precipice of your future, remember that the next 12 months are yours to shape, mold, and transform. The power lies within you to turn your dreams into reality. Embrace it. You have what it takes to make your vision of a vibrant, healthy, and confident future a reality.

Life is too short and precious not to go for it. Do you agree!? 

Committed to Your Success,

Keith, Michelle & More Team