We just finished up our San Diego Immersion and get a lot of questions about what makes an Immersion different from an Adventure So please, allow us to explain. 

Our immersions are normally a smaller group of ladies, yes, unless noted our immersions are Ladies Only! Normally about 15 at the most but varies by the location. With immersions, we try to always stay under one roof for a number of reasons, the main one being that we try to bring the education and activities directly to you. During these experiences we try to make it more relaxed and healing. While our itinerary has many more coaching sessions, breathwork workshops, fitness and nutrition classes we still try to dedicate 1 day for some type of outdoor activity. For instance, in San Diego we went on a bike ride while we will be doing hiking in Big Sky for our June Immersion.  During our immersions, we will typically bring in private chef to create our meals as well as to lead us in some cooking classes. 

And finally, because these Immersions are smaller, you will get more time with Michelle & Keith to ask questions, coaching tips, TRE classes and more. With that being said, it is because of this that immersions SELL OUT FAST! 

A MORE Adventure with us is much different. Typically these are planned far in advance as they are normally an international destination, takes time to get permits in order and normally training is needed. 

These groups are also a big a large – anywhere from 20+ travelers and open to anyone to join us! During these travels, we will stay in hotels, refuge, etc depending on the destination and will normally travel to a few during our stay. Once you arrive for an Adventure with us, we normally start our travels as soon as  everyone lands on Day 1, but we encourage our clients to arrive a few days before is possible to account for any missed flights, lost luggage, weather delays, etc. 

Although any activity on both an Immersion and Adventure is optional, the activities are typically the reason you are joining us during an Adventure. 

So there you have it, the major differences between and Immersion and Adventure!

As always if you have any questions, shoot us an email at Info@MoreAdventures.com.

Which one is right for you?? 🤔