If you have ever been on an adventure with us (especially an Immersion) you know how much we include yoga sessions when possible because it is great for your body, mobility, and mental health. The benefits of practicing are endless and include flexibility, strength, posture, balance, cardiovascular/respiratory health, digestive aiding, stress/anxiety reduction, etc.

So tomorrow (June 21st, 2024) we want to take part in International Yoga Day, is a great opportunity to embrace yoga and its numerous benefits and have some fun ways in doing so!

Participate in a yoga session. These choices are endless! Grab a friend and go to a yoga studio to take a class. If your more comfortable outside of a class, do a quick Google search, then click Videos in the results and you will find tons of free online yoga videos to choose from. We highly recommend you grab your mat and take your session outside if you can, but no excuses as you can unroll your mat anywhere and practice!

 Yoga is not just up and down dog. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new form. If you want to focus on your physical posture and breathing techniques try Hatha Yoga. Want to try dynamic flow sequences? Vinyasa yoga is what you’re looking for! Try Yin Yoga to experience deep stretches and relaxation or explore spiritual practices involving breathwork and mediation with Kundalini Yoga.

 Meditate. There’s no wrong way to meditate. Whether you choose a guided mediation using apps or online guided sessions or group meditation to enhance collective energy. You do you!

Yoga is so much more than just stretching your body (which is incredible by itself!) but it aids in mindfulness too. Want to try some specific breathing exercises, dive into Pranayama for relaxation. With your newfound clarity, and emotions take a few moments after your session and journal about it.

As we mentioned above, if you are already involved in the yoga community is this a great time to reach out to friends and family and offer a complimentary class if able. This is a great way to reach out to new potential clients that could turn into life-long clients and your best free marketing tool! Good reviews are so valued, trust us, we know!

As with any workout or yoga session you just feel healthier. Run with that! Prepare or enjoy a meal with nutritious macros including proteins (eat these first!), healthy carbs such a sweet potato, and fiber. Make those dishes colorful! Be sure to stay hydrated with fruit infused water (lemons, lime, cucumber, mint are some of our favorites!)

No relaxing place to practice? Take so time and create a special yoga space. Set up a dedicated area in your home to practice and include candles, incense, plants (great for adding oxygen) and perhaps some calm music. Taking the time to create this space will also aid in mindfulness and clarity. Who knows, it may set you on a DIY journey of removing unneeded clutter. Have you heard of 52 bags in 52 weeks? Just saying…

Some may require a little motivation to try yoga. This is a perfect time to join a yoga class to help with accountability and try new challenging yoga poses, like Lotus!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate would be to act with some self-love. No this is not selfish, it’s vital. Treat yourself to a massage or add extra time after your yoga session to do this yourself. Do you have a diffuser? Be sure to use essential oils to enhance your relaxation and practice.

However you spend your day on June 21st, we hope that we have inspired you to allow yourself some time to relax.


Keith, Michelle and Team